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Our Women’s Wellness webinars around issues of the peri menopause, the menopause and beyond

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Women’s Wellness Webinar

When: Dates coming soon

Cost: FREE

Many women suffer from back pain at some point in their life and more often this can be during menopause whether that be peri, menopausal or post-menopausal.

Women are not ‘small men’; women get back pain differently from men. This webinar will explore some of the drivers for female back pain. The webinar will review the structure of the spine and associated issues in the different parts of the spine.

There will also be the opportunity to learn about the 6-week Back Pain Solution Course, which will put you back in control of your spine and your body. To book your free place on this FREE Back Pain Solution Webinar.

This webinar links well to our Back Pain Solutions programme – click here to learn more.

Women’s Wellness: Pelvic Floor & Core Restore Webinar

WHEN: Dates coming soon

COST: £15

A workshop on pelvic floor and core health for women of any age/life phase.

Whether you’ve had a baby recently or some time ago or are peri menopausal, menopausal or post menopausal, this workshop will give you some basic facts of good pelvic health, exercise guidelines and how we can help. You can potentially remain post natal for a long time especially if you have any ongoing issues following pregnancy and birth.

The workshop will include the following topics:

All things pelvic floor:
-Looking after the Bladder, Bowel & Pelvic organs.
-We will talk about episiotomy, perineal tears and assisted delivery.
-Returning back to sex.
-Pelvic floor and return to exercise.
-Pelvic girdle pain – return to exercise.
-Diastasis of the Rectus Abdominal muscles (Tummy Gaps) and return to exercise.
-Approaching menopause, going through it or been through it, all these topics will be applicable.
-The Mummy MOT.
-Holistic Core Restore

The workshop will include an informative discussion session with Teja initially and then a short theory/practical session with Claire. The exercises will be suitable for any fitness level and anyone with any pelvic floor or core dysfunction. Please wear something that is comfortable to allow you to move.

This webinar links well to our Everywoman programme – click here to learn more.

Women’s Wellness: Fit to Run/Walk Webinar

WHEN: Dates coming soon


Did you know? For women over 35 who run, their most common injuries are foot and ankle related?

Did you know that over one quarter of the bones in your body are in your feet? If they’re not happy, nothing else will be!

Did you know that if you’re leaking with running, it may be more important to work on hip mobility rather than isolated pelvic floor ‘clenching’?

Are you afraid of leaking when you’re running? Do you have pain when you’re running? Or maybe you’re wanting to get back to running after an injury?

This webinar will go through some of the myths and facts about running/walking as a female. You will be taken through the benefits of running/walking and how strength and mobility exercises are important to ensure you can avoid injury or rehab from injury. Learn all about the Holistic Core Restore®️ 6 week Fit to Run/Walk programme can help with all that’s been mentioned above. This programme has been designed specifically for women by Michelle Lyons, one of the top Pelvic Health Physio in the UK. Whether you are an experienced runner or looking to start put this course will equip you where ever you are in your journey.

This webinar links well to our Fit to Run/Walk programme – click here to learn more.


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