Have you heard of HIP Pilates?

High Intensity Power (HIP) Pilates ™️

There isn’t just one type of Pilates as you might think, there is now a whole variety of different types of Pilates classes available. PilatesWorks prides itself in being able to offer many types/levels of classes to suit all clients needs and abilities. In this blog we focus on HIP Pilates™️.

HIP Pilates might be new to you but it’s been around for a few years and was created by Lisa Bradshaw, a prominent Pilates teacher/educator in the UK. It was her vision to generate a more dynamic form of Pilates that combines the precision and focus of a traditional Pilates session with the dynamic energy of a high intensity workout. Combining core strength, balance and coordination with an energetic cardiovascular element, HIP Pilates is the answer to many people’s search for a functional ‘feel good’ workout.Its a fantastic whole body workout incorporating light hand weights and a mat. The class benefits include:

-whole body workout

-tones legs, arms, abdominals and bottom

-improves core strength

-strengthens the back

-helps to manage body fat

-improves cardiovascular fitness – heart and lung health

-helps maintain bone health

-improves balance and agility

-energising workout which makes you feel great

-it’s suitable for any age

HIP Pilates is a great class if you have done some Pilates before or you have done other forms of exercise before and want more of a higher energy class. You might think that you’re not ‘fit enough’ but actually there are always options for all clients and so you can work at the level that is right for you. Who is this class for:

-any client with a reasonable fitness level

-post natal clients

-clients who want a higher energy Pilates style class

-clients who want a low impact workout

The PilatesWorks team love teaching this class as we like the clients always walk away feeling energised and knowing that they’ve had a good workout. Any of the PilatesWorks teachers have complete the HIP Pilates teacher training through Lisa Bradshaw to ensure the class is true to the HIP Pilates method. 

We offer this class in St Neots and Potton take a look at our current timetable to see if there is a slot to suit you and you’re first class is free:

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