Back pain affects most people at some point in their life and indeed even Pilates teachers can get it!

I have experienced back pain, but to be honest, when I’m doing regular Pilates/movement my back feels good and generally don’t have any issues. Back pain comes in many forms but is often experienced in the lower back where the lumbar spine is, which is what takes most of our load and strain.

As I always say to clients, backs love to move and a happy healthy back is a back that moves regularly through all the different movement possibilities it can perform. Your lower back relies on movement of the spine but also hips and knees and feet. Some back issues can even derive from a stiff big toe believe it or not! Causes of low back pain can be: injury, pregnancy, post natal issues, pelvic floor dysfunction, sitting for long periods, poor sleep, poor breathing patterns, lack of movement, being overweight and quite often lack of awareness of the spine and it’s potential movement capabilities. 

Pilates is an excellent movement system for backs, especially if someone has had or had past back issues. Pilates will move and strengthen the spine and all the important surrounding muscle groups. Your bottom muscles or glutes are extremely important to help support your spine; if you are sat for long periods of time due to the nature of your job, your glutes won’t be working as functionally as they should be. If you are desk bound a lot, make sure you sit to stand a few times, every so often, to ‘wake up’ your glutes and help move your spine at the same time. Walking is also amazing for the spine as your spine gently moves through rotation, flexion and extension as we walk and gives the spine balance and length as we walk. Regular daily walking along with some targeted back exercises will set you up to keep a healthy spine. PilatesWorks offers Healthy Backs classes which are suitable if you are post natal,  currently or had back issues in the past, want to learn how to move the spine correctly or just want a class that will treat your spine to some wonderful effective exercises to keep it healthy. These currently take place on a Wednesday in St. Neots at 10.35am at Brook House. We will be introducing more of these classes. 

If you have recently had a baby the Healthy Backs class is an excellent return to exercise class to help build up all the postural muscles including the core and pelvic floor but also mobilise the spine and upper body with the demands of a young baby/child. Many women during and after pregnancy can experience back pain so this class is perfect if you are post natal and cleared for exercise.  Even if you had a baby over a year or more you can be considered post natal for some time of you have any issues like back pain. Our Healthy Backs teacher Claire Underwood is also Pregnancy/Postnatally qualified so can help you through any issues you may have postnatally. It’s important to take it easy following having a baby and build your body back up gradually through exercise to ensure it’s able to withstand load after pregnancy and child birth. 

If you have limited movement and don’t like transitioning to the floor too much then our ‘Improve Mobility Pilates’ classes would be perfect for you. We also offer beginner Pilates classes which are perfect if you also have back issues as you are taken through the fundamentals of Pilates which is perfect to help build/maintain a healthy back. Check out our timetable for all classes we offer and your first class is always free to see what’s the right class for you and your body.

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