Holistic Core Restore® Heat

Women’s Fitness class for the Mid Life Woman

We have the Holistic Core Restore®️ Heat women’s fitness class in Biggleswade as a weekly class every Wednesday 7.15-8.10pm.
We’ve finally nailed exercise for fat loss that is also ‘Pelvic Floor Friendly’!

It’s a ‘no-jump’ workout that truly will hit all the fat loss markers and jump start your metabolism and keep you burning calories for hours after the exercise session. It’s perfect if you are retuning to exercise, are post natal or simply a woman who doesn’t want to run, jump or do burpees!

Are you a mid-life woman maybe approaching the menopause, currently going through it or have been through it and are now out the other side? This could be the energising fitness class that you’ve been looking for, with an expert women’s wellness coach.

Ultimately, IT CAN BE DONE.

You can keep both feet on the ground and still have effective fat loss!

Class Details

The Heat class runs continually and any new clients are welcome to try their first class for free, using code FTC on booking.

The Heat class is offered through the Silver Membership which includes the weekly live class and access to homework videos to do in your own time.


When: Every Wednesday 7.15-8.10pm
Cost: £38 a month paid by direct debit

Holistic Core Restore – Heat Course


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