Holistic Core Restore® Back Pain Solution

HCR Back Pain solution is a 6-week course designed to help improve back pain in women.

It’s a chance to finally take control of and find ways to manage, reduce or possibly even eliminate your pain. Using a combination of stretching, self-massage, strength work, integrated core and pelvic floor work and nutrition strategies we will help you find what works to enable you to move more freely.

Holistic Core Restore®

Holistic Core Restore’s® latest offering, Back Pain Solution, is an excellent course for women to take control of their body.

Women & Back Pain

Women experience back pain differently from men and have different drivers. Most women are not aware of the causes and this course will give you valuable insight into the drivers of your back pain and how to address them.

How the Course Works

This course is a 6-week programme where you meet with your coach Claire Darlow once a week either in person or online.

Each week focuses on a different part of the spine starting from the top working all the way down to the bottom.

Supporting Your Journey

There will also be a WhatsApp group to support you through the course to share the experience with other participants but also have additional support from your coach.

Homework videos will be posted in the WhatsApp group to support you between classes.

Back Pain Is Common, but NOT Normal!

Back pain is common with over 80% of people suffering at some point but it’s not normal to have prolonged soreness so sign up for this course to find out how and why.

Book your place on this incredible course today. Want to know a little more? Why not join our FREE webinar on the 20th of March?

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Get a Taster With Our FREE Webinar

Join us on Saturday 20th March at 10am for a FREE webinar with Holistic Core Restore Coach, Claire Darlow, as we explore female Back Pain Solutions.

This webinar will explore some of the drivers for female back pain. The webinar will review the structure of the spine and associated issues in the different parts of the spine.


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