Getting Started

PilatesWorks offers a variety of options for men, women of any age, depending on your experience and needs so if you wanted to chat through these options then please do get in touch.

If you are new to Pilates/exercise then we can help advise what might be the best class, session or course for you. There are a variety of classes catering for different levels and abilities. If you have any specific needs in relation to any injuries or conditions then there is also plenty of options for you.

You might like to book in for a one to one introductory session to meet Claire Darlow, where thorough screening and movement assessment can take place and then the best options can be discussed. The next step could be to continue with one to one sessions, or join small group studio sessions or take part in one of the many group classes on offer.

PilatesWorks isn’t just about Pilates, we also offers fantastic workshops and programmes in conjunction with Holistic Core Restore®️ for women of every life phase. The Holistic Core Restore®️ programmes are for women who typically have experienced some degree of pelvic floor, pelvic organ, back pain or core dysfunction and want to empower themselves through education and taking action. For more details please visit the Holistic Core Restore®️ section of the website if you need help in this area of women’s health. View more details here >

Please get in touch either by email or phone to take that first step to see how PilatesWorks can help.


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If you have further questions, or want to get in touch with the team, please feel free to contact us!